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Reinventing Memory Foam

Not all memory foam mattresses are made equal. At Ecosa, we’ve combined the finest quality materials with innovative technology to transform your sleep experience.

We use three unique layers to create a memory foam mattress with adjustable firmness.

We’re done with latex. Eco-tex foam delivers a breathable and durable comfort layer that contours to the body with a little extra squish. No yellowing, no allergies.
Gel-infused particles in this layer work to cool the mattress and mould to your unique body shape and sleep style. We’ve got your back, here.
High-density foam keeps your spine alignment in check, and prevents that sinking feeling.
The Ecosa Mattress

The Ecosa Difference

First invented by NASA-funded researchers, memory foam was designed to keep test pilots comfortable during flights. At Ecosa, we’ve reinvented memory foam technology to bring adjustable firmness, built-in air circulation and a completely waterproof cover. Comfortable and practical, the Ecosa mattress changes everything.

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See the Memory Foam Mattress
See the Memory Foam Mattress

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