Our newly-engineered comfort layer.

What's ECO-Tex?

It's our new comfort layer made using Open-Cell Technology. This will contour to your body shape and give you a little bounce back.

What is Mattress in a box? What is Mattress in a box?
Ecosa Memory Comfort Layer

Why Change?

This is where your reviews come in! We acknowledge a few worries you may have had with our premium latex layer. To address them, we're constantly researching and upgrading our materials.

What We Improved On With The ECO-Tex

Improved Breathability

We used open-cell technology that allows more air to pass through. It comes with the same pin-core holes design that pierces through all layers for maximized air circulation.

Improved Durability

The ECO-Tex foam is higher in quality. It isn't as subject to moisture and light exposure as latex is. This makes our mattress stay longer with you.

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