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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Suitable for Frequent Romance?

May 8, 2018   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Two things that are worth looking forward to when getting a new mattress: good snooze and good romance. Today we try to answer the seemingly awkward question that may have lingered on your mind while making that purchase decision – are memory foam mattresses suitable for frequent romance?

It’s already an established fact that memory foam has amazing benefits on one’s sleep, but did you know that these are also the same benefits that can improve your love life? Depending on your preferred style, a new mattress may just be the thing to amp it up.

Why Memory Foam is Good for Romance

1. Discreet

If you’re moving on from a spring mattress, memory foam might shock you with silence. Say goodbye to the squeaking sounds due to the bounciness of your mattress. It’s worth considering if you live in apartment with paper-thin walls or are living with children/other relatives. Now you get to enjoy without disturbing them, and sleep well with them not knowing about your session the other night.

2. Comfortable

Since memory foam contours to your body shape, it won’t put any discomfort or pain on your pressure points. So, for example, kneeling wouldn’t be uncomfortable at all because the memory foam will ‘grip’ or ‘cuddle’ your knees. Others claim to be easily exhausted because they keep on sinking into the mattress, but a good memory foam mattress should give you the right amount of bounce and support.

3. Control

Ever felt tired just by keeping up with the bounce of a spring mattress? There’s none of that with memory foam – how could you possibly with the little bounce it has! And this is GOOD NEWS. You get to play with your own rhythm and experiment more. You won’t ever have to worry about the memory foam moving around with every move you make, too.

Other Points to Consider

Keep in mind that not all memory foam mattresses are made the same. Some will feel firmer, and others will feel like a marshmallow. You’d want a mattress with a comfort layer that will mould to your body yet still give it a bounce back.

Should you find it still difficult to last a heated session, investing in a plush gel memory foam topper could do the trick. Ideally, it should absorb motion lesser than it would in a memory foam mattress alone (without a topper), and yet still be able to offer enough support.

100 Nights for The Win

Thank goodness for mattresses-in-a-box, right? You can all take this to the room and decide for yourself. That means no awkward questions for the salesperson assisting you. It’s just you and your partner coming to a decision – just the way it should be.

Happy experimenting!

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