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9 Reasons Why A Silk Pillowcase Is Good For You

December 3, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Whether you’re redecorating your room, are in dire need of new pillowcases, or are just thinking about getting another set of sheets, it’s time to reconsider the type and quality of cloth you’ll be investing your money in. Think about it: you rest your head on your pillow every night. And even if you are asleep for most of that time, you do spend an average of about 7 to 8 hours in bed each day.

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The right or wrong sheets can have a bigger effect on you than you realise. That is why you need to invest in high-quality pillowcases, more specifically, pure silk pillowcases. Why, you may ask? Well, pure mulberry silk pillowcases have more health and beauty benefits than most people are aware of. To convince you to make the right choice when you go shopping, here is a list of 9 silk pillowcase benefits.

1) It’s Hypoallergenic

Most types of pillowcases tend to accumulate a considerable about of dust, bacteria, and fungi over time that inevitably transfer onto our faces when we go to bed at night. But with silk, it’s natural fibres are hypoallergenic, making it more resistant to the accumulation of mold, dirt, and other allergens that could be playing a role in your skin problems.

2) It Doesn’t Rub You the Wrong Way

We all spend hours with our faces pressed against our pillows at night and even if we don’t realize it, using rough textile pillowcases can have detrimental effects on our skin. Dryness, redness, acne, and sleep creases are all preventable with silk pillowcases, however! The fabric texture is soft on your face, making you wake up looking fresh the next day.

3) Silk is Moisture Wicking

One of the amazing properties of silk is that it does not absorb moisture the same way other fabrics do. This adds to its already natural hypoallergenic properties, preventing bacteria and mould build-up that can cause odour and skin problems and helping your skin retain moisture when you’re sleeping.

4) It’s Healthy for Your Hair

Silk’s smooth texture is helpful in more ways than one – it’s not just good for your skin, it’s soft on your hair as well. Instead of rubbing on coarse fabric at night, your hair is spared from too much friction when you move around in your sleep, preventing split ends, tangles, and the morning bed head.

5) It Has a Seamless Feel

If you pick the right silk pillowcase, the quality put into crafting such premium products adds to the natural softness of silk. One of the details of a good silk pillowcase is the seamless way that it is made so you don’t get any puckering and stitch holes in the final product from the manufacturing process. This combined with the smooth texture of the fabric prevents your hair from getting snagged and skin from getting scraped in the middle of the night.

6) It’s Great When It’s Hot or Cold

Forget always trying to find the right side of the pillow. With silk pillowcases, you don’t have to worry about it being too hot or too cold. Silk is a naturally temperature-regulating and breathable fabric which makes it feel just right no matter what season it is.

7) Silk is Stronger than Cotton

Though there are many other fabrics out there used for pillowcases, one of the most commonly used textiles is cotton. And while cotton may be more popular, silk has another advantage that should make you consider making the switch. Silk is actually stronger than cotton fabric[1], despite what it’s light feel and smooth texture may suggest. This makes it a better investment than cotton pillowcases in the long run. Combine this with its natural resistance to dirt and fungi, and you have a pillowcase that requires minimal maintenance, can be washed less frequently compared to other fabrics, and is more resistant to wear and tear.

8) Smaller Long-Term Costs

Though most high-quality silk pillowcases may have a relatively hefty price tag compared to other fabrics, they actually cost less in the long run. With dust and mold-resistant qualities and natural fiber strength, silk pillowcases need to be replaced much less often than other types of pillowcases; and because it does not need to be washed as frequently than other textiles, silk can even lower your overall daily expenses. Think long term!

9) It Looks and Feels Luxurious

There’s a reason silk has been regarded as a status symbol for elites around the world for thousands of years. If for nothing else on this list, you should consider getting a silk pillowcase for yourself simply for the luxurious look it gives the space. With the right colour and style, it can be the perfect addition to the room when you’re redecorating. So when you jump into bed at night, it looks and feels like laying your head down on a pillow fit for royalty – Soon enough you’ll be floating on cloud 9!

A silk pillowcase may just be the unlikely game-changer you need in your beauty routine. So, pick one out for yourself and get that beauty sleep. You don’t even have to look that far – the Ecosa silk pillowcase is all you need.

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